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Top 10 NWOBHM Comeback Albums Part 1

Hello, hail to the soul-stirring majesty of NWOBHM. I know this post has been a long time coming. I was busy changing my life outside of obsessively collecting NWOBHM. To cut a long story short I simultaneously ran out of… Continue Reading →

NWOBHM Supergroups Part 2, The Tragedy Continues

In last week’s post I exposed some pretty hard to stomach footage relating to Lionheart, the NWOBHM supergroup. Seeing as that proved to be the source of some pretty hilarious revelations, I thought I’d carry on with this theme, and… Continue Reading →

More or less masters of NWOBHM

In his Life of Theseus, the ancient Greek historian Plutarch asks whether a ship which was restored by replacing each and every one of its wooden parts remained the same ship. Shit, don’t run away, I swear this is an… Continue Reading →

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