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The idea of this project is to document my relationship with an obscure era of heavy music, foolishly branded as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (a term that you’ll frequently hear me complaining about) by people who should have known better in 1979 (coincidentally the year I was born) which persistently plays as a subconscious soundtrack in my head.

I can’t work out whether to be proud or deeply ashamed of how much money I spend on collecting NWOBHM relics as well as dedicating lots of time towards seeing and supporting the bands who have survived, reformed or just briefly popped up to bask in the glorious chic of heroic metal obscurity. Of course that’s a lie, I am proud (and only occasionally slightly embarrassed).

I want to give people an idea of what I find special about this era of music. I passionately love so many bands that fit under the hard to define NWOBHM genre, and seeing as I have a good track record of introducing people to its various charms, leading them to (voluntarily or otherwise) say ‘I like NWOBHM’, I guess I’m appointing myself as a kind of ‘NWOBHM tour guide’. In that role I intend to highlight the subtle nuances that I think make the music really special.

However, this site isn’t just for the uninitiated. I also intend for it to be a place where established fans can discuss the music and share opinions about the rich and varied heritage of our culture in an open minded atmosphere. I welcome comments and will try to take part in whatever discussions arise from the various cans of worms I smash open.

Although there is an element of nostalgia involved in appreciating this subculture, I believe we should take an active role in enjoying and showing solidarity to this fascinating music in the present day. If I can inspire someone to feel the same buzz that I experience when I hear a newly released, re-mastered edition of a NWOBHM relic (that will earn royalties for the geniuses responsible for the work) then this blog has done its job.
If I can get more people to follow up the curiosity they feel for this underground phenomenon by attending live shows and showing respect and appreciation to these (very deserving) battle scarred martyrs, that also counts as an overwhelming success.

So while you’re reading this blog, feed the NWOBHM fire in your brain and make a mental note of what to add to your slowly expanding accumulation of heavy obscurities. Prepare not only to scare other music fans unfortunate enough to possess a standard generic taste in rock, but also to bang your head and (dare I say it?) boogie to bands with ridiculous names as if your life depends on it. See you at the front!